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Challenge #1: Round #8 Voting

I'm so sorry for huge dealy, but here is the voting!
I'm expecting a lot of people to vote!

-You need to vote for one favorite icon in each set. You should state reasons.
-Don't get other people to vote for you!
-Voting will end at Wednesday or Thursday.
-Please, everyone vote!

kisuncha, swisp and elena_vlc_15 you can not vote!
Everyone else, please, vote! I'm hoping to get many votes..

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Good luck :)

Challenge #1: Round #8

o1| You may use only the provided pictures.
o2| You can submit three icons, one icon for each part.
o3| All effects are allowed, but no animation and blending.
o4| All icons must be in LiveJournal standards (40kb, 100x100).
o5| You can't show your icon anywhere else before the voting is over.
o6| You can't use your skips anymore!
o7| This round is for kisuncha, swisp and elena_vlc_15 only.
o8| Submit your icons by comment to this post with icon and its url. Comments will be screened.
o9| Deadline for this round is Monday, 10th November 6.00pm GTM.
1o| If you have any questions, ask them.

Part #1:
You need to make an icons from this image,
icon must contain visible texture! and no text, not even tiny text!

Part #2:
Make an icon from these images,
you can't blend images together.

Part #3:
Make an icons from this amazing picture :)

All images are from

Thats all. Good luck :D
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Challenge #1: Round #7 Voting

PLEASE! Everyone vote!

- You have to vote for 1 [ONE] lesser quality icon.
- Don't give personal reasons like: I don't like the style, icon looks boring, awkward, etc.
- Give real reasons like: Text doesn't match the icon or texture. Oversharped, etc.
- You have also vote for one icon you like the most and you have to state a reason, if not your vote won't be counted.
- Do not vote for yourself.
- All comments are screened.

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Voting will end on Monday afternoon.